Hadoop SecondarySort 0

Hadoop secondary sorting has been a thing I’ve taken advantage of since it was a wee little undocumented side effect of the way the Reduce iterators are broken up. Hadoop’s new mapreduce API has re-jiggered the way you specify your comparators, and because of this I hit a weirdment in the logic that took me [...]

How to go to Burning Man (and have a kickass time.) 0

The internet is completely full of posts about how to Do Burning Man Right. Burning Man is an awesome place, and one of the reasons it’s amazing is that it’s simply so huge and varied that you can have more or less any kind of experience there that you were hoping or needing to have. [...]

I installed a WordPress, but I eated it. 0

So I’ve been talking about doing it for too many years, and then I went off to go install a WordPress on a server and have a blag, and within 5 minutes of installing the summbitch WordPress gave me fodder for my first post. See, WordPress gets really confused, while building its internal reference structure, [...]

Upon not being a d-bag 0

To the dude who chatted me up in the dessert bar after noticing my Linux install: telling me I’m pretty smart “for a girl” is not going to accomplish for you the thing you wanted to accomplish. You thought you were complimenting my intelligence, in a playful way, that also let me know you were [...]